When The Psychotic Hour was offered the chance to work with legendary film director Orson Welles, we jumped at it.

At first, Mr. Welles did not warm to Tph’s working style. “I wouldn’t direct any living actor like this in Shakespeare when you do this, it’s impossible” he said at our first meeting. But after promises of film funding and ample supplies of wine, he was soon one of us. “Find me an English sentence that begins ‘in July' where you emphasize July, and I’ll go down on you” and other such wit kept us in stitches.

Recording began on March 12, 1967 and ran until October 10, 1985, when Mr. Welles died under mysterious circumstances...nowhere near our recording studio...where he wasn’t at the time. Mike Wyman was never charged.

From the over 2 months solid of raw recordings, we bring you this 3 minute highlight.

We know a certain fjord in Norway.

Now read about The Norway Sessions in the media!

Here is the extremely rare pairing of Orson Welles and The Brain:


"This is a lot of shit, you know that"


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