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The Psychotic Hour
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The Psychotic Hour
The Divine Comedy trailer 2010

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The Psychotic Hour is: Chris Gobeil, Alan Rhodes, and Mike Wyman.

The Psychotic Hour has also included: Carmen Bouchard, Andrea Carroll, Sean & Linda Donnelly, Susan Fried, and John Moore.

As well as numerous special guests stars such as Chester Wong, Arms Akimbo, Judth Bauer, Pilar Cote, Simone Denny, Ralph deSmit, Dagmar Morgan, Morgan St. Clair, Miss Anne Thrope, Chris Hand, Paul Ward, Thompson's Gazelle, Judith Gobeil, Paula Hughes, Punky & Pokey, Paul Gott, Rina Gribovsky, Brent Barrett, Maria Tryant, Carole Jeghers, Brian Wrench, Susan M. Lynskey, Scott Falconbridge, Suzanne Walsh, Trevor Davis, Wayne Mitchell, Lorne Wise, Erika White, Delbert the Wonder Sheep and Mac Wyman.

We know a certain fjord in Norway

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  The Divine Comedy    
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reel    The Divine Comedy 1:05:15    mp3
reel    Business 14:40    mp3
reel    Nostalgia 15:23    mp3
reel    The God of Hamsters & Canadians 09:03    mp3
reel    The Tone 13:31    mp3
reel    Media II 14:51    mp3
reel    Meds 12:10    mp3
reel    Love 13:27    mp3
reel    Odd 12:55    mp3
reel    ISM 12:08    mp3
reel    Pretention 13:38    mp3
reel    Air Conditioning 12:20    mp3
reel    Moral or Intellectual Confusion 12:45    mp3
reel    Bob 15:48    mp3
reel    Snip Snip, Baby 12:18    mp3
reel    General Examination 16:34    mp3
reel    No 12:10    mp3
reel    Beyond Tomorrow 15:33    mp3
reel    A Psychotic Christmas 1 12:23    mp3
reel    A Psychotic Christmas 2 16:58    mp3
reel    A Psychotic Christmas 3 29:54    mp3
reel    Death 11:18    mp3
reel    Star Trek - The Return of Vorg 27:56    mp3
reel    Fragmentation 09:54    mp3
reel    A Show for all Seasons (enhanced) 33:39    m4a
reel    A Show for all Seasons Too 18:55    mp3
reel    Reconstruction 1 11:03    mp3
reel    Reconstruction 2 13:43    mp3
reel    The King Awakes 19:27    mp3
reel    Dejection - an Ode 18:37    mp3
reel    With a knife, like this one? 17:51    mp3
reel    Media 15:11    mp3
reel    The Argument Show 17:07    mp3
reel    Classic 13:19    mp3

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